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How To Care For Your Used Road Bike This Winter? Our guide to Winter Bike Maintenance!

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Winter is here and It's that time of year to start thinking about how to store your road bike. To ensure the longevity of your road bike, it is essential to consider how best to store your bike and avoid rust or damage. Read on in our guide to Winter Bike Maintenance.

Caring effectively for your used road bike will help reduce maintenance costs over time, trips to the mechanic and help retain the bikes value for if the time ever comes that you decide that you want to sell your bike.

Keeping Your Bike In A Moisture Free Environment

Moisture is what attracts and propels the oxidisation process. One of the most effective methods of preventing moisture from coming into contact with your bike and starting the oxidisation process is by keeping your bike away from the harsh outdoor environment and storing it in a cool, dry environment, such as a garage or in your home.

Before storing your bike away, make sure to give your bike a thorough wipe with a cloth or towel. This will help to remove any moisture that might have come into contact with your bike whilst outdoors, and away from the surface of the bike.

Use Lubricant On Your Bike

One of the best ways to prevent the rust from developing on your bike and the oxidation process from commencing is by using a lubricant upon the surface of your bike. This stops water from coming into contact with the surface of the bike. Apply the lubricant to all contact surfaces of the bike, including the gears nuts, bots and outer frame.

Use An Outdoor Bike Cover

Although it is ideal to store your bike indoors or in a covered area such as a shed, this might not be possible for everyone. If you do need to store your bike outdoors then using a bike cover would be the best possible alternative. Make sure the bike is covered completely and no surface area is left exposed to the outdoor elements. Bike covers are also effective in protecting the surface of the bike from UV exposure and potential discolouring of the paint work during the summer months.

Deep Clean

It is a good idea to give your bike a deep clean every few months. Regular cleaning of your used road bike helps remove any of the mud, dirt or debris that might have worked itself into the hidden crevices of the bike and beneath the paint work. Over time dirt or debris can damage the outer coating of your bike and start the oxidation process.

Remove Rust

To remove visible rust on your used road bike, use a brush with strong firm bristles and gently work away the areas that contain rust, being careful not to tear away the paintwork of any unaffected area of the bike in the process.

Change The Tyres

Changing your road tires to more winter ready tires could end up saving your bike in the long run. Using less suitable road tires can increase your chances of having an accident, whilst potentially causing injury to yourself and also damaging your bike in the process.

Wash The Frame

Keeping your frame clean from dirt & grit makes a huge difference to the bikes longevity. You don't need any fancy cleaning chemicals or tools for this. Just a bucket with warm water, fairy liquid and a soft sponge will do the job.

The Chain

After each ride, it is good practice to wipe and clean your chain using a specialist drivechain degreaser. This removes all the old grease & grit. Once you have done this, you should reapply chain lube.

Stay Safe

Finally, using accessories such as lights to give yourself added visibility in the darker winter months and using a mud guard to protect yourself and the bike from unwanted debris are effective at ensuring road safety whilst you enjoy using your road bike. Finally, make sure to check that your brakes are functioning and that the pads are not overworn, safety first! Are you interested in purchasing a used road bike? Marcus' Bikes are London's leading distributor of quality second hand bikes in London. Our bikes are all serviced and ready to be ridden away: Used Road bikes, Used Gravel Bikes and Used Brompton Bikes. Check out our latest stock here.

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