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Whilst all bikes we sell come serviced prior to sale, we understand sometimes some after care may be needed. We provide a tiered warranty on all the bikes we sell. There are some exclusions to what's covered - this is specified below.

What is Included

1-7 Days

- Punctures - Whilst these are caused by glass on the road & potholes (SO NOT OUR FAULT!), we realise you have been super unlucky getting one so soon after buying the bike. We will therefore replace the inner tube at our expense.

1-90 Days

- We will fix or replace any faulty or broken components (shifters, brake callipers, chains, cranksets, freehubs, derailleurs etc etc.)

- Should the bike's performance appear inadequate, we will make the relevant adjustments to resolve the issue.

91-180 Days

- Should any components brake on the bike, we will replace the parts at cost price & not charge any labour costs. This is likely to save you 60-80% on what you'd typically pay a bike shop for the same work.


We only buy/sell carbon bikes that are in good condition, without structural damage. All the carbon bikes we sell are inspected in detail - ensuring the structural integrity of the frame & forks.


We mainly sell used bikes, so of course some bikes will show signs of use (ie marks to the paintwork). However there is a big difference between a 'mark to the paintwork' and a crack! If we ever have any doubt in the integrity of the carbon we will not buy/sell the bike.


Should any structural issues to the carbon arise on the frame or forks after buying the bike we offer the following:

1-90 days - We will replace or refund

91-365 days - We will source a replacement frameset and rebuild the bike using the parts from your original bike. You'll need to pay for the replacement frameset or fork at cost price - all labour will be at our expense.


Please note, we are not responsible to damage caused to the frameset after its been sold. If the bike has been dropped, crashed or broken due to bad luck or negligence you won't be covered under our guarantee.

What isn't included

  • General wear & tear

  • Cracked wheels - if you hit a pot hole going fast enough you're likely to brake a wheel

  • Punctures (outside of 7 days)

  • Damage caused in a crash or accident


Whether you've spent £500 on your commuter or £6500 on your S-Works we strongly recommend you take out specialist cycling insurance to cover you for theft & damage.


For specialist cycling Insurance you cant go wrong with Laka (check out their reviews). Follow this link get your first month for free.

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