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Looking to Buy A Used Road Bike? 5 Great Reasons Why You Should!

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When considering to buy a used road bike over a new bike there is potential to save a lot of money whilst also bagging yourself a reliable new mode of transport to get you from A to B, that is both satisfactory for your daily commute, as well as for more high endurance activities.

It is well known that in recent years the demand for bikes has skyrocketed but did you know this has also vastly expanded to the used road bike market? With the increased demand for new bikes, so has the demand for to buy used road bike, often giving you ample choice and the chance to secure a used road bike of top-notch quality at bargain basement prices.

Furthermore, deciding to buy a used road bike can bring with it a whole host of benefits, not just to yourself but to the environment as well.

Read through this guide to help you consider and decide whether to buy a used road bike.

Make your budget go further

Using a road bike is becoming increasingly popular, both for commutes to work and pleasure or endurance cycling. This means that with the increasing purchase of new road bikes, the market for used road bikes is ever expanding allowing you to benefit from being able to grab a great deal on a top quality used road bike at an extremely low price. Often you will be able to stretch your budget further by being able to purchase a higher quality spec bike on the used road bike market as opposed to a lower spec bike on the new bike market. Often when purchasing a new bike, the original retail value usually drops by as much as 50% - meaning that you can forgo these fast value depreciations too.

Used Road Bikes are Eco-Friendly

Of course cycling is already a green mode of transport, but did you know that purchasing a used road bike can help to do your bit towards saving the planet by cutting down on global supply chains and carbon emissions? Often new bikes are manufactured abroad, taking advantage of cheaper labor, however this also involves global shipping, increasing emissions as well as delivery time and costs. Unfortunately, carbon based frame bicycles are not recyclable and so stretching the bike usage to as many years as possible helps create and maintain a sustainable cycle industry.

Fast Delivery

Need your bike quickly? Deciding to buy a used road bike from a trusted source could be your best option. You might have days or weeks of waiting time until your bike is produced and shipped to you, if you decide to buy a new bike. A new bike is required to go through a process of meeting the necessary brand standards and safety regulations before it can reach the market and then the consumer, you. However, used bikes are often available on the same day or the following with delivery or collection included too. This allows you to get yourself on the road as quickly as possible and to be able to enjoy your used road bike in the quickest possible time.

Less Stress

Having a trusted company assess and service your used bike can take a lot of the research and has a potential risk factor if you do not buy from a reputable company. Often when deciding to buy a used bike you will require the specified knowledge of what to look for the alongside the haggling and negotiation that goes with making the purchase! All of our used road bikes go through thorough testing of all components so that your bike has a new brake service (including new inner and outer cabling), gear service, wheel truing. A deep clean and service is performed to ensure your used road bike has had a thorough clean of frame forks, wheel rims + hubs, cassette, chain & break capillaries. Our used road bikes therefore have been fully serviced to ensure the ride quality and performance is - as new.

Less risk

When making the decision to buy a bike that is new, the costs that go into the manufacturing, shipping fees and maintenance and parts can all add up and prove exceedingly costly. Often new enthusiasts will make a quick-fire decision to buy a road bike that is new, convinced that their new found hobby is their passion. However, if you realise that cycling is not for you then you are left with a rather expensive new road bike. However, by deciding to buy a road bike that is used you can mitigate the risk by around 50% in value depreciation versus purchasing a new road bike and it’s equipment. If you choose and buy correctly you can maintain a lot of your initial outlay with a quick and easy re-sell.


Of course deciding to buy a used bike is never 100% risk free but it is possible to eliminate many of the common pitfalls that inexperienced buyers fall into by reading our guide on What to look for when purchasing a used road bike. Essential to success however is to find a reliable seller, someone trustworthy with a good online reputation. Marcus' Bikes are the UK's Leading Distributor of Premium Used Road Bikes. All of our bikes are fully serviced and ready to be ridden away. If you like to browse our store please click here.

Looking to buy a used road bike whilst at the same time offsetting the cost of your current used road bike? If your looking to sell your bike then We'd like to buy your bike! Please fill in our quote form here.

In need to a Bike Service to leave your bike feeling like new again? We offer full bike services and same day repairs. To request a service please use our booking engine here.


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