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How to Sell Your Brompton Bike?


Brompton, the British classic folding bike that is perhaps the icon of commuters, city dwellers and urban cycling. So you have decided to part ways with your beloved Brompton? You will be pleased to know that Brompton’s generally hold their value extremely well in the used bike resale market.

Perhaps you have decided to upgrade, purchase a newer model of Brompton or simply decided that you’d like a change of ride style with a road bike. But how to go about finding a buyer and securing the sale of your Used Brompton? There are many avenues to pursue selling your Brompton Bike and in this guide we’ll help you uncover the myriad of possibilities and help you to secure the greatest sum in return for your Brompton Bike.

Are you looking to sell your used Brompton Bike?

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Establish mode, year and specification

Firstly, research your model of Brompton thoroughly and make sure to be aware of the current market. It is always beneficial to know what’s on offer elsewhere, and therefore what kind of price your Brompton is currently selling for.

Carefully examine the condition of your Brompton Bike

When examining the condition of your Brompton bike, be careful to finely comb over each and every part for overall wear and tear. A Brompton bike that has been well looked after over the years will often fetch a high price, ensuring the Brompton Bikes reputation as a bike brand that holds its value very well.

Photograph your Brompton

Display your bike in the most advantageous possible circumstances and environment. Photograph your bike against a neutral colour background and with the highest possible quality camera . This will ensure that your Brompton bike is displayed in the most professional manner and attract serious buyers.

Sell your Brompton Online

Using various online marketplaces such as ebay, gumtree, shpock or facebook will give you the best chance of reaching the highest number of prospective buyers for your Brompton. Make sure to correctly categorise your Brompton with the correct model number and make. Write an engaging and thorough description of your Brompton Bike, specifying the exact model number and stating why you want to sell your Brompton Bike, to generate interest.

Set the buying price

Examine the market and current demand for Brompton bikes carefully. Setting a realistic price is essential to securing a smooth sale, for both parties. A carefully selected buying price is essential to attracting the right customer and securing the highest price when you sell your Used Brompton Bike.

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