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How to Sell Your Bike?

sell your bike

A Road Bike can give you tremendous joy over the years. From using it in time-trialed events, to tackling those rough surfaces and hill climbs and it becoming a trusted part of your daily commute to and from work. However, what to do when the time has come and you have decided to trade-up to a different type of road bike or are simply wanting to change your road bike ride style? Read on to find out how to go about selling your bike and ensure that you receive the greatest possible sum for your used road bike and ensure the process is smooth, stress and hassle free.

Marcus’ Bikes are London’s Premier Distributor of Used Road, Used Gravel and Used Brompton Bikes. If you want to sell or part exchange your bike, please don’t hesitate and get in touch today through filling out our quote form. We also have an ever-changing stock of Premium Used Road, Used Gravel Bikes and Used Brompton Bikes for sale here.

Identity the type of road bike you are selling

There are many different types of Road Bikes. From Gravel Bikes, Triathlon Bikes, Aero Bikes & the Classic Brompton Bikes amongst many more. Correctly identifying what type of road bike you are intending to sell is crucial so as to advertise your used road bike to the correct market. For instance; Selling your Brompton Bike to an audience that desires to purchase a Brompton Bike will ensure that you secure the highest sum for your Brompton Bike and the swiftest possible sale!

Identity Your Bike’s Brand

There are a wide variety of road bike brands that are popular in the marketplace. From Cannondale Bikes to Giant Bikes and Specialized Bikes and of course Brompton Bikes amongst many more. Brands speak volumes in our consumerist world. And thus a reputable brand such as Brompton will often secure a high-resale value. You can usually correctly identify the brand - through visible large decals displayed on the frame of the bike.

Identity Your Bike’s Model Number

Normally located on the underside of the down tube or bottom bracker will be located a model number or serial number. If the model number is not obvious try entering into the ‘Model Locator’ search box often found on the respective Bike Manufactures website. Detailed instructions will usually indicate how to identify the specific road bike model of your bike. The model number can often affect the value of your bike with some specialized or limited edition versions of bikes, often being highly desired, and thus fetch a higher price.

Identity wear and tear on your Used Road Bike

It’s possible to look after your bike well although some wear and tear over the years of riding it is most likely. A well looked after bike will be structurally in-tact. Make sure to take note of all knocks, scuffs and any structural damage.

Photograph Your Road Bike

A picture tells a thousand words and the same applies for when selling your road bike. Make sure to professionally photograph your used road bike by using a high quality camera and placing your bike in a neutral colour setting - ideally against a light coloured wall. Make sure to take photographs that accurately depict the current state of your road bike. If you have a friend who is great with a camera, give them a call and perhaps they’d be happy to showcase their photography skills by photographing your road bike.

Marcus’ Bikes

At Marcus’s Bikes we specialise in the buying and selling of premium used road bikes. We offer a simple system and make the process of obtaining cash for your used road bike effortless. Simply fill out our quote form here, we’ll then get back to you requesting images of your bike. Usually, within 24 hours a decision will be made and we’ll let you know whether we’d like to buy your bike. Can’t get to Clapham? No problem, we also offer a door2door collection service too.


If you are looking to upgrade your used road bike or are perhaps looking to change your ride style to a premium Used Road Bike or a Brompton bike? Part-Exchange is a great way to offset the cost of your new bike against the value of your old bike. Marcus’ Bikes stock a wide range of ever-changing Used Road Bikes. We stock premium Used Road Bikes, Used Gravel Bikes & Used Brompton Bikes. All of our bikes come fully serviced and ready to be ridden away. Often if the bike is relatively new, the original manufacturer's warranty will be included too.

Sell Your Bike Online

If selling your bike online – our first recommendation would be filling out the quote form on the website. Otherwise online Market Places such as Ebay, Gumtree and Facebook are all potential avenues through which to advertise and conduct the sale of your used road bike. The internet allows you to advertise your used road bike to the largest possible audience. It’s still important however to make sure that you are accessing the most specific target audience relating to the road bike that you are selling. Facebook groups for specific Bike Brands or Types of Bikes can be an effective way to reach the right potential buyers as are specific bike forums too.

Write an engaging Description

Write a thorough and engaging description of your used road bike. It is essential to be honest and to not write an overly flattering description of your used road bike, if that is not the case. This can often waste time for both the buyer and seller. Make sure the description does accurately explain why you are selling your used road bike and any further information the prospective buyer might find useful such as age and bike maintenance carried out on the bike.

Set the right price

Understanding the current road bike marketplace is essential in setting the correct price that you expect to obtain when you decide to sell your bike. A realistic price is essential in attracting the most serious of buyers and ensures that you get the best possible return for your used road bike.

When to sell

The Road Bike Market, like so many other markets, is often determined by our weather system. And so the buy and selling of road bikes is seasonal. Choosing the right time to sell your bike is crucial in giving yourself the best opportunity of securing a smooth sale and commanding the greatest possible sum for your used road bike. Typically Summer Seasons will demand higher prices for road bikes. After all, who doesn't want to hit the road with their trusty two-wheeler when the sun comes out?

Bike Service

Not ready to sell yet and instead you need a Full Bike Service to leave your bike feeling new again? Road Bikes need care and attention and a Full Bike Service could be just what you need. Request to book a service today and we will confirm with you (usually within 24 hours).


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