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Looking to buy a Used Road Bike? Our guide to where to buy a used road bike in London!


Have you spotted a Used Road Bike which you have your heart set on? Or are you looking to upgrade your ride style? Perhaps you are taking a first foray into road cycling? Deciding to buy a used road bike is the easy part, for who would not want to bag themselves a nice new aluminium framed road bike that you can use for your commute to work and enjoy on the weekends? But how to go about sourcing a top quality used road bike and where to buy a used road bike in London? When buying a used road bike you can save a ton of money. The market can often appear saturated with deals everywhere. Knowing how to go about purchasing your dream road bike is essential in order to save you money and any potential headaches in the process! Read on as we explain Where to buy a Used Road Bike in London!


Marcus' Bikes - No1 Local London Used Road Bike Distributor


At Marcus' Bikes We take pride as London's Leading Used Road Bike Specialist. We specialise in the sale and purchase of Used Road Bikes, gravel bikes & Brompton's. All of our used road bikes are carefully inspected, and fully serviced before they are ridden out of our workshop here in Clapham, London. When buying a Used Road Bike, it is advantageous to be able to see it in person and test ride it. At Marcus' Bikes we offer exactly this! We stock a full range of Used Road Bikes; Fully serviced Used Brompton Bikes, Used Specialized Bikes, Used Cannondale Bikes, Used Trek Bikes and many more! Please browse through our stock here.


Save money when buying a used road bike

Buying a used road bike is a great way to save money. We spoke to Marcus, founder of Marcus' Bikes to find out just why buying a used road bike is a great option. "When buying a used road bike, you circumnavigate the production costs involved in buying a new one" said Marcus.  "Think the factory costs, the shipping, because of course most Road Bikes are manufactured abroad. Because a New Road Bike often loses 10-20% of its value after the first year of purchase and potentially more, you are able to grab a top-quality road bike that can be used over many years ahead, and with a great discount."


Online Marketplace


Using the internet allows you to connect to a large potential buyer-seller marketplace and can be a great option when deciding on where to buy a used road bike. Great deals can be found through channels such as Facebook, Ebay, Gumtree and Shpock. There are honest sellers, however there is also a risk that the bike might have been stolen or acquired through nefarious means. Make sure to check the seller feedback to make sure that you are acquiring the bike through honest means. It's worth noting that when purchasing a bike through these platforms it is unlikely that you will be offered after-sales care, warranties or guarantees. It's also worth remembering that these channels incur sellers fees and so the price of the used road bike can be inflated to accommodate this. Finally, when browsing for a used road bike we may become tempted by a beautifully presented product through pictures seen online, yet when we see the product in real life - it often presents a very different story.


Bike Forums


If you are looking for a highly specialised bike, sourcing your prospective used road bike through a bike forum can be a great option if you are deciding where to buy a used road bike. Specialist Road Bike Forums bring together users and a pool of useful knowledge about your target bike. So if you are after a specialised Triathlon Bike it might be worth seeking out forums where you can find fellow aficionados of that brand and road bike type as well as learn more about your road bike, mechanics, maintenance and more!


Ask Around


Last but not least, the answer can be closer than you think when thinking of where to buy a used road bike. Ask around and let your friends and work colleagues know that you are considering buying a Used Road Bike. It could well be that your work mate is looking to sell or upgrade there current Used Road Bike and you'll be the perfect customer! Just remember it could get awkward if you have any problems after purchasing if there are any issues with the bike, so make sure to thoroughly inspect the bike before purchase.


Social Media


Posting on social media channels could be an effective method of letting your social network know of your intention and desire to purchase a used road bike. Friends of friends will often be able to connect you with a user who is looking to sell there used road bike.


What to look for when purchasing a used road bike?


Great! So you've decided on where to buy a used road bike! But what about the risks involved in purchasing a used road bike? Of course, buying a used road bike involves some risk, after all it has been used. It is necessary to determine what the ride length and age of the bike is before deciding whether it is worth the risk. When purchasing a Used Road Bike make sure to carefully check and comb over the bike for any internal damage of the bike - of course it is used and so some signs of wear and tear are expected.There are a ton of variables that you need to be aware of, to check for potential red flags during the purchasing process. Such as the Bike Frame Material, gear conditions and wheels/tyres. Read through our guide on What to Look For When Purchasing A Used Road Bike here. Buying from a reputable seller such as Marcus' Bikes can be a great way of saving yourself from the stress that can accompany purchasing a used road bike.


What Type of Road bike to Buy?

If you are uncertain what type of road bike to buy, that's understandable. There are many to choose from. Read our Guide on How to choose the right road bike Bike for You to help guide you through the process.


Looking to sell your bike?

If you want to off-set the cost of your old bike in exchange for your new bike - we'd love to help! We specialise in the purchase of Used Road Bikes that have the original retail value of £600+. Please fill out our form here - and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with a decision on whether we want to buy your bike along with a quote! Can't get to us here in Clapham? No worries - we offer a bike collection service too!


Looking for a bike service?

Is your bike in need of a service to leave it feeling like new again? We offer both Same Day Repairs and Full Bike Services. Please request an appointment through using our booking engine here.


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