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Buying a Road Bike? Our Guide To Choosing The Right Type of Road Bike for you!

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So you’ve decided to buy a road bike! Great, you won’t regret the decision! However, which of the many different types of road bikes to purchase? And what is the difference between them? There are a myriad of different types of road bikes out there and when you are just starting to get interested in making a purchase it can often become overwhelming and difficult to make a decision. In this guide we will take you through the most popular different types of road bikes that are available, explain how they are different from each other, and help make the decision process easier for you.

Race Bike

The Classic Race Bike features a parallel top tube. These bikes are optimised to reach extraordinarily high speeds. If you prize speed over comfort with a lightweight road bike, then a Race Bike is for you! The Race bike is a type of road bike with low handlebars and a challenging geometrical position in order to become accustomed too. In order to preserve the energy of the rider the Race Bike is designed with aerodynamics in mind and saving weight with lightweight wheels and high set gears to reach optimal speeds with this type of road bike!

Gravel Bike

If you are deciding to buy a bike for riding on surfaces such as dirt roads or gravel tracks then a Gravel Bike could be the ideal type of road bike for you. Gravel Bikes prioritise comfort over raw speed and so you will be fitted with a more adaptable frame compared to a traditional Road/Aero bike style frame. Perhaps easier for the uninitiated to Road Biking and easier to initially adapt to while you start your foray into road cycling. Featuring an aluminium frame that still has the potential to reach high speeds whilst being strong enough to tackle any knocks and challenges that you may encounter whilst out on your ride, a gravel bike is an extremely durable Road Bike option.

Aero Bike

Aeros Bikes are constructed with a more expensive Carbon Fibre frame instead of a traditional steel or aluminium frame. An Aero Bike allows you to reach maximum speeds and access high gradient upward climbs with ease due to its super lightweight design. A top tube that runs parallel to the ground in a mirror of the traditional Road Bike race frame means that, for the uninitiated, getting used to this slightly awkward position could be initially challenging, but definitely worth it in the long run!

Sportive or Endurance Bike

If you know that you’ll be using your road bike in long distance endurance testing events then a Sportive or Endurance Bike will be the ideal choice of road bike for you! This type of Road Bike is focused more on long distance cycle rides rather than short sprints and so prioritises a lightweight frame with a layer of long term comfort so that you can go on riding all day long. The frame values comfort over a more rigid traditional race bike. With a low gear set you are in a prime position to tackle those steep gradient inclines. The Sportive or Endurance Bike is a great all rounder and again ideal for the uninitiated Road Cyclist.

Commuter Bike

Built to be comfortable and durable, the Commute Bike is an ideal every-day bike. The wheels are built to be durable. This is not a lightweight type of road bike like the Race Bike and Aero Bike. A commuter bike is a great all rounder - perfect if you are deciding to buy a road bike for those quick jaunts cycling to the shops or the regular commute to and from work.

Triathlon Bike

The Triathlon Bike is built with speed in mind. A lightweight design allows propulsion at lightning fast speeds. Naturally sitting in the saddle the rider will be leaning forward and in a low position to promote a streamlined shape and a nod towards aerodynamics. High set gears allow this road bike to go particularly fast. Lightweight wheels that are often carbon based allow the Triathlon Bike to reach maximum high speeds. Generally this type of road bike is best suited for extreme sports and time-travel events and isn't necessarily an all-rounder to take with you to and from the shops or to work every day.

Touring Bike

Touring bikes allow for maximum comfort whilst performing long distance cycle rides! The frame is built to be tough and used to withstand heavy weight. If you want to buy a road bike for travelling - with space for added luggage or camping equipment - then this road bike is perfect! The gears are set low allowing for long distance cycling at maximum ease and comfort. The long frame allows for added comfort when riding for long distances. The wheels are made of a strong material and are able to withstand most shocks or knocks that you might come into contact with while out riding long distances.

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