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why ride a bike to work

Our favourite 5 reasons why you should ride a bike to work:

  • It’s been proven that those who commute by bike each year on average have 1 less sick day

  • The risk of Covid19 contagions is significantly reduced by not using public transport

  • Improves both your physical and mental health

  • Pumped with endorphins your day at work will be improved

  • It’s cheaper than TFL or driving

man riding bike with backpack

A sharper mind

Millions of working days are lost each year through conditions like stress and anxiety, and the personal cost is even greater. It’s an issue that every employer has a moral obligation to take seriously. One thing that all employers should be doing is encouraging their staff to cycle to work – it can have a dramatic impact in improving mental wellbeing. Here are four mental health advantages of cycling:

Cycling makes us mentally sharper

Making regular journeys by bike is an easy way to live a more active lifestyle. Aside from making us physically fitter, a number of studies have shown that cycling can enhance brain function and repair, and make us sharper and more alert by speeding up connections in the brain. This could have the added benefit of helping us to be more efficient and productive when at work, in turn making it easier to leave on time and achieve a healthy work-life balance. - Take from cyclescheme

Bridge Cyclist

A healthy lifestyle

From mental wellbeing, to physical benifits...

Cycling into work both encourages well being. After all they say, a healthy body is a healthy mind. Encouraging your employees to cycle to work can improve total employee productivity. Producing better results for your company.


Cycle into work by avoiding public transport to beat covid-19


Travelling to work by bike is safer less exposure to Covid-19 and other diseases am crowded spaces

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