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Check Your Gears

A number one annoyance and possible hazard are misaligned derailleurs and poorly indexed gears. A correctly adjusted front derailleur will bring you smooth shifting between the small ring and big ring and will stop the chain rubbing on the mechanism itself.

Inspect, Clean And Lubricate The Drivetrain

The drivetrain is the mechanical heart of your machine, and the area of the bike, which needs particular care and attention – not just at the start of the season but through the year. This is a good opportunity to check your chain for wear and replace it if necessary.

Check The Brakes/Cables

Check frame

The importance of the brakes goes without saying so ensuring your brakes are well maintained and that you check the cables and the pads are essential. With the wheel off the ground, spin it and pull the brakes – it should lock immediately

Check your wheels

Throughout the season is the ideal opportunity to check your wheels are up to scratch, particularly if you’ve ridden a lot or through rough terrain. Check the spokes to ensure they are correctly tensioned and replace anywhere necessary. Also, check that the wheel is true. It should spin freely without any side-to-side movement.

Tighten Everything Up

One of your final jobs should be to make sure all the key bolts on your bike are tight. It’s also an opportunity to check no bolts are damaged and need replacing. Most bolts on your bike will have a torque setting and it’s important to adhere to these. It’s easy to over-tighten the seat clamp on a carbon frame, for example, which can cause damage both to the frame and seat post.

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