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Offices -

Corporate Clients

We are here to help get employees back into offices



SImply book us in and we'll do the rest

One of our bike experts will visit your place of work for the day (or longer if required) carrying out the work during office hours. During a typical 9 hour day, we can work on up to 12 bikes. The amount of bikes we are able to work on each day depends on the level of service chosen.

Bicycle Equipment

You can tell us what equipment you need

Any additional equipment you might need, simply tick the box in the booking section and we'll organise it all for you. We have a close working relationship with all main suppliers so we'll get the parts at trade prices too.

Working in Cafe

We set up a bike park and get on with the work - while your working

For us to be able to visit your organisation, you’ll need a private area big enough to fit several bikes & a maintenance stand as well as access to a toilet & running water. Also an area which is covered and has good lighting would be very beneficial.