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Mobile Bike Servicing



We collect & return anywhere within the M25

Why service your bike?

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As with any mechanical device, prevention is better than cure, so here’s things to look for every time you ride, every week and every month. A couple of small maintenance tasks, done early, can extend the period between major services, help your components to last longer and give you better performance!

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How often should you service your bike?

You should regularly service your bike to ensure it is running efficiently and that there are no worn or damaged components. The more you ride the bike the more frequent you should be servicing it, especially after riding in dirt, sand, mud and in the rain.

It is also important to service your bike if you have not ridden for some time, as the bike may deteriorate whilst in storage.

How and when to service your bike?

About Marcus’ Bikes

About me

When it was founded

Areas of expertise

Why choose us


Why should you have your bike professionally serviced & cleaned


It’ll last longer

Maintains efficiency


Services on offer to organisations + prices

Set up in bike park, getting people to book in their bikes with me as they arrive to work

Work on bikes throughout the day

Regardless of what services I have to carry out, my day rate doesn’t change - so no hidden costs

Only additional cost is parts - the client decides in advance if they are happy to pay for them or if staff has to.

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We promise, the very best mechanics, the highest quality parts and the speediest, most efficient service. All backed up with a 12 month guarantee. 

We offer tailor made, rewards based incentives so you can have a regular office servicing at a personal price.

What our Clients have to say


James - WeWork

Marcus' Bikes is the fastest, most efficient service we have come across. Always maintaining our bikes to the highest standards. 

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Martin - London Astral Offices

Marcus'  Bikes services our entrie office of over 60 bikes, fast, effectiently. One happy office!


Michel - London Work Spaces

I would strongly reccomend Marcus' Bikes for their proffesionalism and quality maintenance and servicing. 

Bicycle Shop

Looking to purchase bikes?

quality bikes - approved prices

We have a stock of bikes available to purchase directly from us. We source only the very best bikes maintained to the highest standards

Contact us below or send us a message through instagram

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